Grind So Hard

Im grinding as swift as I can

Before moms loses her perception of life again

Before pops starts pimping again;

He always been a mack

Worst comes to worst

One of these young cats gone try my baby bro

He fuck around and reel himself into the pen

Yeah… That’ll hurt the most

He dont give a fuck

Cause he don’t see no wrong in his sins

And he bustin on anybody Who make him feel

Less of a man


I turn up my grind

Cuz’ the stuff my brothers do

They ruthless and worry free

Actions, guaranteed to cost them

Some time with modern day slavery


Rub em the wrong way?

Ya momma liable to get toasted

And fed off to our swine


Last night…

Some thugs rolled by

threatening to have my brains leaking;On my own curb

They pulled off nicknaming me “Fine Wine”

Everyday I wake up

I pray

Knowing they can smoke me at the price of my families dime


I’m hustling the best way I know how

Tired of these hood streets

All these hoes that wanna compete

Ice heads who got they eye on my prize

With nothing to offer me

Black businessmen w/ they nose open wide

Tryna reel me in; talking about a business plan

I guess I look spaced out, clueless and perplexed enough


I laid all them steps down, way back when

Tired of being looked at like i’m regular

I’m a QUEEN!

Not a motherfucking trend


STEP… UP.. to the plate… King?

If I turn up my hustle….

That mean you do too

Cause when they mention Goggins/Harris

We WILL be remembered as the GREATS;

Doing big productive things;

not just some wack ass crew


Let me ask you something King…

What you gone do

when I’m the next QUEEN assaulted?

What moves you making

When Mr.Macho decides that my peach is so appealing

That he just gotta have it

What if he takes it?

What if I can’t fight, that night

Or worse

what if he kills me from too much aggression

And the world treat me like another deserving bitch

That should have been taught a valuable lesson


I turn up my hustle

Cuz’ the stuff these creeps do

They sickening and repulsive

Actions have me all uncomfortable to walk down the street

Wondering who spying on me

Our local Kings and pastors be the culprit

They don’t say shit; them the bros

When we are molested, raped or disrespected


I turn up my grind cause my SUCCESS won’t be rejected


I grind so HARD…

cause motherfuckas wanna find me

But a QUEEN like me

Is damn near impossible to find

You heard my true story…

So do me a favor Queen and TURN UP YOUR GRIND


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