Perish, King.

Look at you

Without a dime

Hell, some days without a penny

Still, my love remained unrestricted

Allowing you to enter here

With nothing to contribute

No growth; just stagnant silly situation-ship

Your comforting skills are like a sealed pack of swishers

with only one swisher inside

A rip off

When my brother died

You made me feel like I died

Missing for three days; I couldn’t grieve in front of son

So I stomached my tears

Chillin’ on a nigga couch probably playing games

That yall both already won; on repeat…

“Where is the money?”


“There was none to be made.”

So you telling me

Three days. No communication. No explanation………

On top of that no wage!

And his side still don’t see how I’m being played!



Get me outta here! Outta this dream!

Where everything is fine again

The happily ever after

Take me back to my roots; So maybe then,I’ll know what to do

When it comes down to you, you, and you

I shall remain Queen

Avoiding folk from letting me do a motherfucking thing

I know my purpose and I aspire to live in it

They gone be made when they ain’t involved in it


It’s all in God’s hands and there’s nothing you can do now

I’ve surpassed the breaking point phase

I’m ready to get to my grown woman days

And if they means leaving you behind…


Perish, King.

You didn’t give a fuck about me.



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