I started to ask is it okay if I touched you. But I’m a massage therapist and you of all people know I like to touch. Knowing your body could use a little warmth from my palms seeping into your skin. 
Thinking to myself, this is a special type of man.

My fingertips running trails behind the same ears God whispers his visions for you in… 

I don’t want to seduce you I want to allure you. 

Think of me as fascinating and made for you. 

We are divine;

So we are expected to take our time.

Friends for now

But days I pray you make me feel it in my spine.

Not by putting it down like “Daddy” 

But from carrying your sweet baby girl 

Giving you power to be called her daddy; 

And mine too. 

I was raised right so let me show you what I can do… 

I have the ability to completely woo you. 

I’m relaxed lying on your back like a little guh who just wants her father back. 

In a trans knowing I deserve you. 

Many nights I cried and dreaded being alone

Now you’re finally here,

Ready to learn;

Why you deserve me. 

I started to ask , “Do you like to be touched.” 

But what normal person doesn’t? 

Then God said girl whatcha asking for… 

this is your husband. 

Take control. 
So I touched you. 

I rubbed you.

I caressed you. 

I made love to you; in my mind. 

Behind your back I love you. 

Demanding an opportunity to show you to your face. 

I imagined kissing you. 

I saw our wedding day.

I held our child already. 

I witnessed myself cater to you. 

I….. I…… I even… 

                              felt you love me back. 

All while thinking, “Does he like to be touched?” 😫 

-Bennie Ma Bintou

Product of Bennie Publications.



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