How do I love you? 

I love hard knowing that tomorrow could be my last day as well as it could be yours. 
Apart of me says fuck marriage

Because I simply, just want you now

Knowing that’ it’ll be okay 

When I give you my heart 

I trust that you’ll protect it 

But then I’ll just be another girl that’ wants you to herself 

Knocking myself out the race 
So I cut you off before I let you taste 

And that’s not what you’re ready for 

You want to find happiness 

In the wrong place

Instead of rocking patiently with our God 
You need time

Time to think 

Time to love your inner King
How do I express myself without being overly dramatic 

Without craving you

Without tweaking like a damn crack addict

How do I love you?
Without making you uncomfortable 

Will you help me?

I want to show affection but not too much 

And damn sure not too less
I want to do all the things you allow me to do without crossing the line
I wish I could say I wanna marry you cause you so damn fine… but that’s not it
It’s your capability to stand tall as a man. 

I see you stand for something. 

In hopes that you’ll fall for me. 

Your passion to want to love this imaginative woman, who may never exist 

But your soul mate is inside me trying to figure out , “How do I love him?” 

But every time I ask her… 

She responds, “naturally..”

Bennie Ma Bintou. 


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