Home is Where The Heart is

It’s hard to sleep with these loud ass helicopters surrounding me
My place of peace

At least it try to be 

On the outside ain’t really nothing but

Hood violence , Dope feins, irresponsible youngsters 

And sometimes the occasional awkward silence

Oh yeah, and sad black people
Driving frantically on our streets 

Are terrified whites, tryna get back to their side of town 

After slaving a 9-5 in my city 

Where they are free to make jokes 

About how i’m living 

Like I chose this shit 

Who in their right mind would wanna live like this 
On the flipside 

There’s hope, security, and direction

Inside of my home 

No matter the location 

I strive for

Yearn for 


My God’s connection 
“You here right?” 

Cause I ain’t gotta strap to my name 

Not even a bullshit ass deuce deuce

I swear to you 

All these prayers I been sending are fuel 

To remove me and my son from this turmoil 

I promise I’m not with all the fame

I’m just tryna live right 

Maybe you won’t think I’m too lame 

And leave me in the hood to rot 

And sleep on my dreams 
This shack 

This low-income housing

This poorly built duplex 

This gang infested patio…

This stove with only two working eyes.

These lights that can’t keep a shine

Flickering, in and out…  

Home is where the heart is. 


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