Don’t be a Bubble 

I never knew what bubbles were made of

Turns out is just soap and water. The same ingredients I use to wash my ass. 

Like a soapy sandwich. 

A thin layer of water rest inside the bubbly substance like two pieces of bread. 

Kinda how these sucka’s  resting face be when I tell them NO; not between these legs… 

“You got a boyfriend yet?” 

“Nah I’m just weighing my options.” 

When my bubbles start looking all distorted, I pop em. 

& Even then they still try to blow me; aha

Count on the wind to cock block em. 

I like perfect circles

Round corners that swing forever 

Reflection so clear that when I look through you, I see the admiration for myself. 

I like a long trip… your breathe gotta carry me over seas and bring me to my knees; if you godly… there’s a good chance I may utter a please… 

While thinking, is this nigga worthy?

Before I jap my jaws on the tip of a dick who been kissing other lips.. 

let me re-evaluate 


Yeah they’re cute

Unless you a bubble with long hair and a iron board booty out here in the streets like you Austin power groovy. Then niggas watch you, study you like a bootleg  movie. 

You assed out cause you thought that ass you threw was gone have you cashed out

But who paying high dolla 

to hear some ran through pussycat holla… 

that’s why you can catch me on the sideline making big daddy plays; a true balla. 

I’m coaching you. I put you in the game, I’ll give you a name. I’ll have you making plays asking me, “Mammi just give me a break.” 

Nah… you wanna be me so bad…

Well BITCH let me coach you; this ain’t a warning poem, no freestyle shit. My life ain’t nothing to joke around wit. 

I’m building love while you popping poison to hit licks.

 KNOW who you dealing wit before you decide to hit; 

sick… dick… sick bitch… 

Yes, this is still about bubbles… 

popping em one bitch at a time. 

Before you try to check some shit

Check them lips and watch ya kids cause for as long as I known the bubble hating all she ever did. 


yeah they’re cute… 

until they all popped up, spitted on, or disappear. 

Who am I? Ohhhh see.. I control the bubbles. I thought you knew… get to the rear..

“I saw something in you that 

Til this day ion know if you can be dat.”


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