Men don’t prefer me… 

They don’t want me because I’m not nasty enough… 

I like to smother my tongue on the tip real classy and stuff 

I’m not trashy enough 

I don’t like to get dicked down by the same man that laid the pipe for Jenny and  licked it right for Becky… I like that romantic shit 

Gotta treat me different 

I peep game effortlessly 

So when you talkin; I ain’t even gotta listen… 

unless making me the happiest girl of this lifetime, is your life long mission. 

Take me on fancy dates, while playing footsie under the table…

Leave me guessing; just imaging how you will have me tonight. 

I want my palms sweaty before you even open the car door for me to get in; we headed home? 

Or even better pull over to the side of the road, persuade me to slip off this thong 

Ill ride your face smoother than any woman you’ve ever been wit’

Boy gone… 

I’m nasty alright 

Nasty for you… 

Just waiting on the bling, yes I’m talking bout my ring… 

to show you just what this pretty powerful pussy can do… 👀👀


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