I am; I forgive you. 

I am the degree seeking dropout; who still has a chance to be great.

I am the single mother who has to work four times as hard over a free set of hands. 

I am the daughter; no one remembered to support. 

The sister they look up to, but dispise my efforts. 

I am love that’s been tainted and forced to conform; but failed to change. 

I am slavery, struggling to be free. 

I’m desperate to stay this beautiful me.

I am honored that my ancestors chose me. 

I am pure as newborn. 

I am soft as Kleenex. 

I am misunderstood; but seek understanding. 

I am nature bundled up in nerves. 

I forgive you for… 

Thinking you were too hard to love. 

Feeling ugly most days. 

Feeling less of a mother not to be able to train a boy into the father for my seed; feeling guilty that I let him leave. 

Overworking yourself and not resting. 

Abdonding yourself.. 

Being blinded from those who do care. 

It’s not you’re fault… 

you’re still growing. 

I am YOU; I forgive you. 🖤 


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