This morning I read it’s not just sex when you’re having sex and understand the energy so I’m real timid when he confess he really feeling me

all I hear is he really digging me; or he tryna dig into me… 
he wanna play with my soft spot 

That ooze out that sweet honey and dem sweet seeds

He wanna lead me on; 

Playing me w/ wife to be 

He only really like me 

When I’m on my knees; please
There’s more to me

I like to wake you up to brewing coffee, a toasted bagel, and strawberry cream cheese; 
I’ll make you believe

I made you believe

I’m still not enough? 

Put your dick departure notice in the locked box and take your leave 
Your job is done

You made me cum 

You didn’t expect that I needed another one? 
This ain’t love making

All you doing is taking 

Got my mind fucked off; this damn soul tie mistakin’ 

Me fa somebody else; clearly
I’m restricted 

The last dick I rode was detrimental 

To my mind, body, and health 

So sprung; started messing with my wealth 

Progression grew scarce; I didn’t know nothing else 
Wrapped up in a soul tie

Playing with demons and friends 

Riding his love endlessly; begging for an end 
With my head in shame; where did I begin? 

Oh, just wanting to be loved… 

never again. 
So I tickle myself and plan my wealth 

When they get to talking dirty to me 

I turn my head to my books 

I give em certain looks 

Put my middle finger up and start paying the crooks… 
With my head in shame; where did I begin?

Oh, just wanting to be loved…



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