Don’t Go Broke 

I’m the reason I’m broke. Actually, the world, white privileged and the wicked have little to do with my circumstances. 
I’m broke because I let another human being break me to tiny microscopic pieces. 

I’m broke because it took me a minute to stand on my ten toes. 

I’m broke because I never knew how to handle my stress. 

I’m broke cause I wasn’t studying enough.

I’m broke because I was addicted to pain. 

I’m broke cause I gave up on myself numerous times. 

I’m broke because I use to care what people thought of me. 

I’m broke cause my heart is HUGE. 

I’m broke cause that is all I was exposed to growing up as a youngin. 

I’m broke because I spend money on things that only matter in the moment instead of investing in my future. 

I’m broke because I’m used to penny pinching. 

The truth is; I was never “Broke” I was always RICH IN MY OWN MIND. 

We are our thoughts…. don’t go broke. No matter the circumstance! #DontBeBroke


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