It’s like… I wanna love em

But he shit on me every chance he get 

Then throw makeup on the situation 

Like I be tripping 

Like I ain’t shit. 

Like I ain’t change yo’ life tremendously. 
Waking up every morning telling myself, I will love you because that’s what I have to do! Because I birth child to you. 
When feelings went away, my dignity remained true. 
Niggas don’t care; none

Boys only care a little bit 

Even men pretend like they can’t grasp the concept of putting up and getting through 
Like starting new families is the thing to do

Like not keeping a job and deciding his payroll is to screw

Like I didn’t give myself away 

Just to accommodate you!   
It’s like I wanna love em 

Even after the pain 

Even after keeping my head up 

Even after the rain 
It’s like I wanna love em 

I done let em move on 

Gave him his wings 

Let him know to be strong 
It’s like I wanna love em 

But my heart be too good 

Compromising ain’t shit

Unless it’s his way for good 
Mommas baby

Daddy’s maybe 
I’m fed up 

Just stay away from me. 
It’s like I wanna love em

Until I was pushed away; 

for the last time. 
National Poetry Writing Month 

Day 3. 


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