P, I can’t fight? 

P, I can’t fight? 
“We done already told the world you got yo ass beat, who they gone believe?”
I had you pinned to the floor 

While you tampered with my weave

Only thing that saved you was a lost nigga pulling me up by the sleeves 

Come on now… 
I’m mad cause I didn’t get to beat you like all of OKC; 

Had me shaking pissed cause I didn’t get to drag you; on my concrete 

Although I did take you off yo feet 
Why yo side-nigga show up to my house all extra angry 

You ain’t suck his meat? 

Damn girl, what are you good for?

Kids already calling the boy Daddy
Ohhhhh I know what is it is…

Somebody told me you use too much teeth; 

when you boppin n weavin. 
Can he enjoy his stay 

with out you putting three whole brains all on his plate 
All he wanted was a warm place to lay

Use ya whip 

Just to be in the next hoe face 
Should have thought twice before jumping out the black income tax hoopty 

Is that All you could afford 

after screaming 

“I let that nigga use me!”
Cursed the laws out when they pulled up to my crib 

I’m mad cause I wasn’t able to tell they ass I busted both yo ribs…

Sliced both of ya lips… 
P, I can’t fight? 

But you got put to sleep outside a club

You buying yourself kid meals 

then spending your baby’s food money on a shaken dub… 
Marshmallow hits? 

Bitch on yo’ kids you felt my fist. 

Then again… 

It’s tough to feel anything when ya body paralyzed from bars 

A walking pharmacy 

If my BD wasn’t tugging on me 

I woulda stomped yo Brain to mars 
I heard you set yo’ granny up

You a sorry excuse for a mother 

You so real; yo loyalty A1? 

Let’s not forget you associate wit 

A nigga that smacked your own blood brother 
I’m a different type of breed 

I don’t fight to front 

I fight to prove; 

That I’m still…

THAT Goddess

THAT Mother 


THAT revolutionary 

Everything you wanna be; 

Oh, I gotta skeleton pic; 

I mean a nude of you

How it popped up in my messages 

I have no clue 
But please……

don’t say I can’t fight boo… 

cause this shit right here 

Could ultimately destroy you. 
P, I can’t fight? 


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