First Poetry Competition 

I searched for a family member to watch my kid…. (Keith Sweat, NOBODY) so I had to pack the turd with me. 
My gas reader is broken so I never know how much gas I have in my car… the last time I put anything in here was yesterday; $3.50 but I need to get to Langston to attempt to win this cash prize. 
Oh, on top of that I gotta pick BENNIE GANG up from the north side. “Momma you got some gas money? I need to get to Langston to perform.” 
She blessed me with $25; I gotta pay her back tho., #BookaMassage 
We MAKE IT TO LANGSTON; without my baby crying on the way there. (I don’t have a radio, yet) 
That’s when my girls asked me if I’m doing all 3 categories of the competition in order to compete……. the whole time I’m thinking its 1 poem 1 performance! And the whole time you have to have 3 pieces prepped to even consider being a winner.. 

Social round

Love round

Free style round 
One poem memorized, the other two read fluently.

Although I was good, it just wasn’t enough to beat TY, the girl who killed it about big girls twearking… 

I’m sure her other two poems were phenomenal. Although I didn’t get to hear them because for the remainder of the show I had to run in and out the small gym chasing a VERY sleepy kid. So I finished watching the show through the glass wall. 

Only wishing I could hear what the other poets were spitting…

My first poetry competition. 🖤


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