I Dance4Me 

​I didn’t know that my dance moves weren’t so awkward after all; I’ve never felt so alive. 
Shaking my rump and twisting my thighs 

The expression on people’s faces 

That read “She can’t dance” 

Were all just insecure lies 
Middle school; high school 

I couldn’t get jiggy with the trending steps

I saved my moves for home

Where I can Groove; more in depth 
When I move, it’s with grace 

No uncertainty on my face 

Even though 

I’m confused about the rest of the world 

They seemed to be confused by race 

Goddess whispers in my ear 

“This is not your space” 

So I lock in with my Inner-G 

Mystical powers; I want to taste… 
Oh! But when I dance 

I feel complete 

Put Chance the rapper on 

And I just can’t have a seat 

Tory lanez; proud family 

dancing freaky; All on the beat 
People judged my beauty 

Since my face is so sweet 

But the scared of the ugliness that rest in my feet 
Dare to be different 

Dare to be great
Never let them take the pep in your step away.. 
Dance away

Dance away

Dance away 


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