Move Carefully 

I am attacking my enemies; secretively. I’ve been studying how they mess with me; attempt to pester me. 

Break in my house, try to keep tabs on me. Every chance IT gets. 
I’m a sweet soul

With real goals

And a baby on my hip 
I’m attacking my enemies, 

I got IT scared to show face; 

The only time I see IT, 

is coming home; door wide open 

knowing WICKED been in my place. 
I’m tiredddd of running this race! 


Bitch, Love CHANGE; 

I change; 

Life changes; 
Strategically I’ve distracted the enemies. 
They don’t know what’s next, 

shaved head, tatted face.. 

I’m ready for war. 
Back in the day; 

I didn’t understand 

what all my hollering was for. 
I ain’t been controlling my tongue; 

Talk to G.O.D. 

Cause he controls me

Living wild n free

Breaking me down me to destiny 

Before he smoke me off the planet 
G.O.D. Got me leading my enemies 

To a sunken place 

Without the TEA

I don’t need to twirl a spoon 

To make you believe 
The universe wiggled me through childhood; forced me to be myself. 

Drawing me a deity;

putting the responsibility of folks lives up to me. 
So, I distract the enemy 

when they think I’m just grinding 

I’m setting seeds 

To disappear 
Because I can’t grind as hard as I desire 

When the enemy keep peekin around corners 

And shit… 
Better tell they ass,




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