Take Your Time With Me 

Last night I took my time putting my baby to sleep, 

No distractions, no worries

It was pretty neat 
Laying down with him on my chest 

Cool calm collected 

I even utilized all of my techniques 

I held his hand; 

And He never let me go (tear)
“You are my sunshine

My only sunshine” 
Puts him smooth to sleep every time. 

Maybe cuz I always sang this song to you

With you inside my belly 

Til my face turned blue 

Being 9months pregnant 

With zero support was new 

I always had God in mind

So I kinda knew what to do 
“You make me happy when skies are grey” 
Your gentleness eliminates all the wickedness that went down today. 

On the bright side; 

Public Housing has approved our emergency transfer.

No more break in-s and death threats 

Let’s just call it a new start 
They say you can’t run from your problems 

But if the environment is too bad 

Baby, Momma listen to your heart 
I smile as he purrs 

to me massaging his back. 

Insomnia, interrupted peace; 

I’ll never look back. 

My phone on the ground; purposely 

I don’t dare entertain my notifications 

The best feeling in the world 

Is Raising a strong son; 

And actually making time to indulge in that 
No bad energy, 

no room for altercations 
“You’ll never know dear how much I love you.” 
Now I know 

Minus the hollering and screaming

Your not hard to put to sleep 

If quality time is all you feigning 

Momma sorry for all the times 

Ive rushed your peace 

Maybe just to get to poetry night 

or stacking bread to sign our next lease 
I’ll never raise my voice at you 

for just wanting to stay up with me

Sometimes a Non-busy mother is all a little boy needs. 

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.” 


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