Case by Case 

Being terrified of co-parenting forced me to be my own family attorney
Calling all bets off with the father of my only son
Forcing him to think about the decisions he has made
not allowing him to return to my sons life
until he can provide emotionally, financially, & spiritually 
Yeah, that’s a lot to ask for; I know 
Especially dealing with an immature, mind fucked, potential king… 

with no place to go…

Traumatized on the facts 
He degraded me when I was fat

He Kicked me down when I was sad; 

even stabbed me in my back 

Allowing the devil around the most precious thing I’ve ever cared for 
Treating my precautions as sold out comedy shows 
Laying up, sleeping wit, And allowing my baby’s diapers to be changed by OKC’s most ratchet hoes 

Tori… You remember the same one that tried to jump me? 

After she made jokes about sucking ya dick… 

I…… told her you had HIV

I use to pray on your downfall

Please, Don’t play with me; 
You drove me crazy

N’ I allowed it

Being a new mom; dealing with PPD

my mind stay crowded 

Now that it’s clear 

I’m feeling fucked up 

Not cause you can’t see your son

But because I really laid my happiness down for you; just to watch you soak it all up
You thought you could steal my joy and never give it back? 
Getting a smart girl pregnant? 

There’s perks to that.. 
I still love you; 

I’d be fraud if I didn’t

Call me a bad mother 

But this mother wants different 
And until you get on your feet and progress is key 
You ain’t gotta worry bout missing me
Be more worried about missing ya seed 
For now, 

We have to take it case by case 
And the judge ain’t even ready yet

So you gotta long race… 
How bad do you really want to be a father… 
RESPECT; I need a taste 


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