They have a lot to say about me 

They have a lot to say about me; 
She’s too friendly 

She’s too revealing 

She’s depressed 

She always acting poor or needy 
They don’t know what I had to do as a kid just to get a person to feed me 
Siblings walking around the city; 

Hungry, Looking real needy

Brother eye busted; 

he just got jumped on up the street 

looking up at me like

“Yo sis, the set really need me” 
This 2010; where the fun begins 

When everybody claimed I was cute 

Even pretended being my friend 

Just to call me hideous behind my back

Didn’t take them long to find out my soul 

Was filled with truth &

disloyalty I lacked 

Hanging with the smart girl?

There’s perk to that 

My personality on fleek 

Not because I was born awesome 

But because I took the devastating and made it beautiful 

I took my tragedies and used them as stepping stones 

I destroyed my hurdles 

and created enablers 

And then… 

you could say I was born awesome! 
I may smile at everyone I meet 

That doesn’t affect my ability 

To spit on ya grave and 

Run your obituary between my ass cheeks 

I’m just me 

When I want to be; FREE 
I may show skin 

whenever your logged in; 


My sexuality isn’t muted or diluted 

I’m not interested in containing myself 

Im used to pushing a heavy load

Now I’m a small 115 

Baby I’ve waited a couple years 

To show my ass

I’ve grown from being a teen 

I’ve always been ‘kinda’ cute

But I’ve never been IT 

So when it’s time for me to GET SEXY

stop throwing fucking fits 

I’ve held it down too long!
The GLO up?

I’ve been waiting for this… 
I have two parents; 

only one of them took care of me

Everybody want me to be that little baby that’s gone listen; 

But nobody tryna carry me 
Like they wiped my ass for years 

and even prepped my bottles 

I can’t even get them to buy a book to support my dreams.. 

I’m on the gas; full throttle 
I’m tired of yalls shit

Setting rules like y’all raised me 

And haven’t raised shit 
I’m 22; one kid

I barely listen to my own mother 

She the love of my life 

But my identity… 

I won’t allow her to smother 
She’s fine with that

Even if I curse a million times 

I’ll visit hell for her 

Then repent for my fines 
Yalllll otherrr motherfuckas;

Won’t get a dime 
I respect allll where it’s due 

This is a clarity session poem;

Quick question? 

If my parents can handle my ‘real ness’

Why the fuck can’t you? 
I’m not a Christian 

I believe in God 

Fuck religion; 

I made up my own life rules 

Sitting on the hood floors 

in my ‘just making it by’ kitchen 
So if I want to post what I post 

Brag? Let me boast

If I’m tripping.. Let me know!

But y’all crybabies gotta go.. 

Settling; no mo’

Creating; lets GO! 

I AM me
& you will accept that 



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