"Most days I’m not here.” I messed up by speaking my truth. Only he wants to hear it Training me to believe He can handle it Only I’m not sure If he truly can or not I still trust his judgment “I’ve checked out a few years ago.” It’s tough to explain That I’m slightly [...]



I used to be normal once Before self destructing the little left of me that should have been saved I see differently, more clear perhaps As if my eyes have been lying to me this entire time of my existence I recently realized, I vowed to the universe to help guide people to their purpose, [...]

Proper Farewell 

My son thought he was hard going to school this morning. He tried so hard to be mad before I left.. I even let him finish his breakfast in front of the other kids; his teachers hate when I do that.  He continues to throw a pity party for himself by launching himself into the [...]

Let Me Show You 

I'm in no rush to say "I love you"  I sensed your love for me  The second our eyes locked in  and said, "what up."  I want to take my time; with everything From voicing my opinions  To caressing; nips created  from my lips; on your neck  I love your distance from the world  But [...]

Secret Lover 

You don't know how bad I'd like to show you off  Or maybe you do  I never post our pictures  Cuz' I can't stomach the thought of losing you  To an asshole assumption  or cocky conclusion  Made by somebody else  You are my prize possession  I'll be damned if I let social media  Taint, erase, or [...]

You Up?

You UP? Stank.  You ever wake up and nobody is speaking the same language as you?  Like everybody's Chinese  and you the only nigga around...  That's been my life for the past two years  Dealing with PPD It's like I'm invisible; nobody sees me Which is really over rated to say  Due to the fact [...]