Reasons I cut my hair… 

1. I was physically assaulted by a man in front of two of his friends who did nothing to help me. - THAT NEXT DAY I was going to get jumped onto Hoova; to be "official" because I felt like nobody had my back besides the big homies that stayed trying to put me up [...]


Gods, Kings, & Niggas 

(A poem for Goddess' only)  God see my smile and wanna stay for awhile; King see my grin and he's entitled to walk in; Niggas toy with my heart in hopes for a come up.  I've had Kings tell me they will keep my house fed; followed by..  "All you gotta do is keep being [...]

Heart to Heart: 2 my fans 

I have had a indescribable journey in my recovery from Postpartum Depression. My actions have been frowned upon. I have been judged for my decision making. I have been hurt due to comments, assumptions, and lies told of me, to me. For the most part; I am ok. To be 💯 I am worried every other [...]

They have a lot to say about me 

They have a lot to say about me;  She's too friendly  She's too revealing  She's depressed  She always acting poor or needy  They don't know what I had to do as a kid just to get a person to feed me  Siblings walking around the city;  Hungry, Looking real needy Brother eye busted;  he just [...]

Case by Case 

Being terrified of co-parenting forced me to be my own family attorney Calling all bets off with the father of my only son Forcing him to think about the decisions he has made not allowing him to return to my sons life until he can provide emotionally, financially, & spiritually  Yeah, that's a lot to [...]

Take Your Time With Me 

Last night I took my time putting my baby to sleep,  No distractions, no worries It was pretty neat  Laying down with him on my chest  Cool calm collected  I even utilized all of my techniques  I held his hand;  And He never let me go (tear) "You are my sunshine My only sunshine"  Puts him [...]