Cuddles & Forehead Kisses 

"How are you your highness?" Your greetings be equivalent  To what it feels like to bust You got me scheduling you into my agenda  Saying "GM" to you is a must  Cuddle me; I'm addicted  If you don't; I'll go insane  It's stupid ridiculous  how much you impact my brain  The clinic may have to [...]


Proper Farewell 

My son thought he was hard going to school this morning. He tried so hard to be mad before I left.. I even let him finish his breakfast in front of the other kids; his teachers hate when I do that.  He continues to throw a pity party for himself by launching himself into the [...]

Let Me Show You 

I'm in no rush to say "I love you"  I sensed your love for me  The second our eyes locked in  and said, "what up."  I want to take my time; with everything From voicing my opinions  To caressing; nips created  from my lips; on your neck  I love your distance from the world  But [...]

Secret Lover 

You don't know how bad I'd like to show you off  Or maybe you do  I never post our pictures  Cuz' I can't stomach the thought of losing you  To an asshole assumption  or cocky conclusion  Made by somebody else  You are my prize possession  I'll be damned if I let social media  Taint, erase, or [...]

You Up?

You UP? Stank.  You ever wake up and nobody is speaking the same language as you?  Like everybody's Chinese  and you the only nigga around...  That's been my life for the past two years  Dealing with PPD It's like I'm invisible; nobody sees me Which is really over rated to say  Due to the fact [...]

Not in front of him 

How do I tell the love of my life...Who watched his father beat his mother  damn near to death; multiple times  That... I don't want to fight?  That a push or shove does not mean  'I love you' But your phalanges around my esophagus  Is turning me blue  Even though I speak intellectual And you [...]

We Sleep Close 

This is the reason I can't get my freak on Walking around sexually frustrated  Cause I want his manly hands around my caramel ass; some days  I want to feel his deep moans Repeatedly like a... "his breath only" soundtrack  streaming through my soul  Creating mild perspiration  Inside my earlobes  Hold me and don't let go  [...]

Closet Full of Hugs 

My God mom Taught me to always wake folk up with a greeting... And all I can think about is how he greets me...  we created a soul tie based on truth Threw away all fictitious lies behind being in love dealing with youth...  He calls me his highness on a normal day  Hug so [...]