PSA: Split Families: Up because I’m pregnant #2

PSA: Up because I’m pregnant 🤰🏽 How is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship with your first child’s father AND dwell in a new healthy relationship w your new partner? While expecting a new baby by new bae at the same time.. (my life for the past 4-5months) It’s VERY POSSIBLE. Rules... 1. Don’t [...]



"Most days I’m not here.” I messed up by speaking my truth. Only he wants to hear it Training me to believe He can handle it Only I’m not sure If he truly can or not I still trust his judgment “I’ve checked out a few years ago.” It’s tough to explain That I’m slightly [...]

Proper Farewell 

My son thought he was hard going to school this morning. He tried so hard to be mad before I left.. I even let him finish his breakfast in front of the other kids; his teachers hate when I do that.  He continues to throw a pity party for himself by launching himself into the [...]

Let Me Show You 

I'm in no rush to say "I love you"  I sensed your love for me  The second our eyes locked in  and said, "what up."  I want to take my time; with everything From voicing my opinions  To caressing; nips created  from my lips; on your neck  I love your distance from the world  But [...]

Secret Lover 

You don't know how bad I'd like to show you off  Or maybe you do  I never post our pictures  Cuz' I can't stomach the thought of losing you  To an asshole assumption  or cocky conclusion  Made by somebody else  You are my prize possession  I'll be damned if I let social media  Taint, erase, or [...]